Why Buy a Bike From Freewheelin?

We are Bike People.
Bicycles are our sole focus. It is the reason we are here.
Except for most beach cruisers and children's bikes, our bikes come in sizes. This is not just the size of the wheel, but the frame dimensions. Properly sized bikes are proportioned for both height and length.
We help you understand the differences between the types of bicycles and what their capabilities are. We help you choose a bike that suits your needs.
Test Riding
As long as it is dry, we encourage test riding in our large parking lot.
Quality of Assembly
We don't just make them roll, we adjust everything about a bike there is to adjust. We do not assume that the factory adjusted anything properly. The factories rarely do get it right.
Often, bikes not sold by bike shops are put together by a sub-contracted service that is paid by the piece. The faster they go from box to rolling, the more they get paid. Our mechanics are given whatever time is required to make the bike right.
Authorized Dealer
We are authorized dealers for the brands we sell.
Warranty in Full Force
All of our bicycles come with the manufacturer's warranty. Because we assemble our bikes, that warranty is in effect. Some companies allow their bikes to be sold online. However, unless the bike is assembled by a bike shop, the warranty is often void.
In case of warranty issues, we act as the manufacturer's agent. You bring the bike to us. We may need to contact the manufacturer, but it is rare that you would need to do anything more than get the bike to us.

However, because we are, in effect, the final quality control agent, we solve many warrantee issues before the bike ever gets to the sales floor.

Free Adjustments on New Bikes
All bikes, no matter how carefully assembled and adjusted at first, will require readjustment due to initial wear and settling. This service is included ONLY on bikes purchased directly from Freewheelin.

For example:
Cables stretch. This means that brakes get soft and gears don't click into place.
Chains wear (and appear to stretch). A loose chain may come off, and as it comes off may be damaged or cause damage to other parts of the bicycle.
Bearings may wear in. A bearing that is allowed to run loose will quickly wear out. Keeping the bearings adjusted greatly extends the life of the wheels, cranks, and steering.
Air leaks slowly right through rubber. We always bring your tires up to pressure.
Cranks (with square, tapered axles) must be retightened or they will fall off and require replacement.

We make a mechanical sweep through the bike a few times during the first few months of use and adjust whatever needs it at the time. Multiple checks are needed because not everything needs readjustment at the same time.
We are happy also to make fit adjustments of saddle and handlebar position to your liking.

The adjustment service is easily worth $60 so far as the cost of paying for the adjustments, but could be even more valuable by preventing potentially expensive repairs.